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Ink Meets Design: Shaping the Identity and Website for The Weight of Ink

The Weight of Ink is a distinctive boutique publishing, production, and investment company run by Michael, a talented entrepreneur, writer, and poet.

With a vision to discover, nurture, and celebrate storytellers, The Weight of Ink is inspired by the literal and metaphorical weight of the ink.

Michael’s journey began when he realized that his completed journal weighed more than an empty one due to the ink. This revelation led him to ponder the creative, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional weight that ink carries.

These aspects come to life in the relationships between the writer and reader, the artist and audience, and the imagined and the realized.

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October 2022

Services Provided
Website Design
Website Development

Michael sought a new brand and website design that would reflect his professionalism and the quality of his work as a writer, poet, and investor. His existing website lacked creativity and failed to capture the essence of his work or adequately explain the unique services offered by The Weight of Ink.

Michael desired a simple, clean design allowing his work to take center stage. He envisioned a unique design that would directly connect with the concept of ink used to write on paper.

Our team crafted a simple yet captivating logo inspired by ink elements. The logo prominently features the words “The Weight of Ink,” with “Ink” standing out to emphasize the core concept.

The most striking detail of the logo is the placement of the dot of the letter “i” in “ink” below the letter instead of above, suggesting a falling drop due to the weight of the ink, which perfectly aligns with the company’s name and philosophy.

We developed a unique and elegant website that tells a story and engages the audience, like Michael’s work creating stories that inspire and connect with readers. The website is a beautiful portfolio of Michael’s multifaceted writing, investing, and publishing career.

Emulating the appearance of a written piece of paper, the website boasts a creative design that breaks traditional alignment rules, reflecting Michael’s free-flowing thought process.

The resulting modern and sophisticated brand positions Michael as a genuinely unique writing, publishing, and investing professional.

The cohesive visual identity, embodied in the logo and website, captures the essence of The Weight of Ink and showcases the quality of Michael’s work, setting him apart from the competition.

Our commitment to understanding and addressing the unique needs of our clients ensures they receive a tailored solution that elevates their brand and resonates with their target audience.

Let us help you create a powerful and inspiring brand that captures the essence of your business and leaves a lasting impression.