Crypto Vinci is a blockchain consultancy, serving as advisors for mining, Initial Coin Offering (ICO), and trading operations.

Most people are not familiar with this space. Crypto Vinci aims to be the ones introducing the space and walking through the planning of projects and investment opportunities.

The business personality of the new brand is compulsive, bordering on obsessive, artist/mathematician. Bold but with a lot of quirks.

As Leonardo da Vinci led the Humanist Renaissance, Crypto Vinci is looking forward to leading the “digital renaissance”.

Studio FLACH worked with the company to craft a brand-new, modern, and geometric logo. One logo that tells the story.

The result was simple and memorable: a minimalist owl made only with geometric shapes. The owl represents the wisdom to lead clients into a new space for investments. Wisdom to guide, to protect, and to prosper.

Clear lines, sharp typography, and bold colors. The branding evokes sophistication, trust, and professionalism.

Logo Design
“You’re an amazing artist. I am VERY glad we’ve crossed paths.”
Crypto Vinci
December 2017
Lucas Flach

Lucas Flach

Lucas is the strategic branding expert. He’ll be the mind behind the big picture during the whole project. With a design and art background since a child, he knows what great branding is all about. He excels at creating an engaging, beautiful, and meaningful brand. He takes your vision and turns it visual.