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Daniel and Bethany are wedding photographers and videographers based in Southern California. And they are very, very good at what they do.

They are a husband and wife team and are obsessed with capturing beautiful, honest, and timeless moments.

They are not your traditional photographers. In their own words, they “talk like best friends, play like children, fight like husband and wife, and flirt like first love”.

When the couple approached us, they were just starting their company. The challenge was: they were looking for a logo that can best represent their work (and the love they put into each work). They were seeking something classic, timeless, elegant, and high-end looking. Something that could incorporate gold, white, grey, and matted green into the logo.

Challenge accepted. We worked with them and created a beautiful, almost hand-made looking logo.

The result is a clean and vintage logo, but with a modern touch. A beautiful and thin serif font is combined with the natural elements of the leaves + a touch of gold.

The visual language of the logo and the business card was conceived to be welcoming, warm, and friendly. With this combination, their company now has a sophisticated and approachable brand.

Pay a visit to their website. You’ll be amazed by their work. And now they have a matching logo.

Ps.: And seriously, If you’re getting married in the Southern California area, just go talk with these guys, will you?

Logo Design
“The designer went above and beyond with what we requested. Thanks for the hard work!”
Daniel & Bethany
May 2019