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Storytelling Through Design: A Build Pictures Brand Evolution

Build Pictures is a dynamic and innovative video production company led by the talented entrepreneur and video maker Jonathan.

With a passion for creating bold and immersive films, Build Pictures explores a diverse range of subjects such as art, design, food & drink, medicine, music, science, and social systems. The company partners with various brands and organizations to produce emotionally driven, visually rich stories that encapsulate their essence and showcase their work.

By focusing on simplifying complexity and revealing what makes people tick, Build Pictures’ films forge connections between the particular and the universal, allowing audiences to see themselves, their clients, and the world around them in a new light.

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March 2021

Services Provided
Website Design
Website Development

Jonathan, the driving force behind Build Pictures, recognized the importance of having a brand and website design that reflected his professionalism and the quality of his work.

Despite his exceptional skills as a video maker, Jonathan’s old website appeared generic and bland, falling short of truly representing the essence of Build Pictures.

He desired a simple, clean design allowing his work to take center stage. The design concept aimed to complement and enhance the visual impact of his films without overshadowing them.

Our team created a sleek and captivating logo inspired by the elements of a video camera. The emblem combines elegance with minimalism, featuring two overlapping circles.

One circle consists of dots, symbolizing the connections forged between the stories and the audience. In contrast, the other circle showcases an array of vibrant colors, representing the rich hues captured by the video camera. This fusion of elements embodies the essence of Build Pictures.

We crafted a unique and elegant website that showcases Jonathan’s work and tells a compelling story, much like the films he creates. The website immerses visitors in Jonathan’s world, allowing them to appreciate the depth and beauty of his professional and personal projects.

With a focus on user experience and visual storytelling, the website is a stunning portfolio of Jonathan’s accomplishments in video and filmmaking.

The resulting brand is sophisticated and contemporary, positioning Jonathan as a genuinely exceptional professional in the video and filmmaking industry.

The cohesive visual identity, embodied in the logo and website, captures the essence of Build Pictures and reflects the quality of Jonathan’s work, setting him apart from the competition.

Our commitment to understanding and addressing the unique needs of our clients ensures they receive a tailored solution that elevates their brand and resonates with their target audience.

Let us help you create a powerful and inspiring brand that captures the essence of your business and leaves a lasting impression.